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Procs-Book-Web-wee copyFull Lyrics Book Released in Paperback and Digitally to iBooks, Kindle, Kobo & Google Play Books

The Proclaimers Lyrics : 1987 – 2013

Nine Studio Albums – 124 Full Song Lyrics

Paperback : ISBN : 978-0-9931177-0-1

A book presenting all of the lyrics from songs that Craig and Charlie Reid have written and recorded to date in one lovely compilation.

Craig and Charlie Reid have written consistently wonderful words and music across their career to date. These songs are timeless, the lyrics capturing a gamut of human emotions, written with poignancy, honesty and humour.

Their songs feature at weddings, funerals and everything in-between and there is one song, an early celebration of falling head over heels in love that is known the world over and has become a staggering global anthem. There are many others that have gained great popularity in different parts of the planet and then there is a wide cross section of sublime songs embraced by a multitude that has kept up with The Proclaimers nine studio albums and compilation collections released between 1987 and 2013.

Their words read elegantly as prose and this book presents all the lyrics of the 124 songs recorded in this period with a forward by the esteemed screenwriter Richard Curtis and original introduction sleeve notes from 2 more uber fans on their ‘Best of’ by Matt Lucas and ‘Very Best Of’ by David Tennant.

Paperback is available directly from Coffee Table Digital’s site and though Waterstone’s in Scotland

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Pumpy Bee IconPumpy Bee Press Info

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Pumpy Bee, a Kids Book with Unusual Momentum!

Have you ever heard of a bee that has no buzz?
Well, meet Pumpy… Pumpy Bee to give him his full name.

Pumpy can still fly though. Oh yes, he can fly alright.
He just uses slightly different means… PUMP POWER!

He’s quite literally powered by FARTS!

Pumpy is unique indeed. But being different is not always easy. Sometimes the other bees can be very cruel.

One day, on his way to school, something happens that changes everything…

This funny wee book is a tale of how one special skill and a whole heap of bravery surpasses immense size and strength.

Written by Gavin Oattes and illustrated by Itchy Mac (Gordon Tait), this picture book contains over 26 pages of narrated story as well as an interactive pump game and a colouring in section.

There are many great sounds throughout this book including a whole load of pumps and a lovely theme tune written and performed by Hailey Beavis.

Made in a wee cottage in Scotland by Colin Usher of Coffee Table Junior.

About the author: Gavin Oattes
Gavin is a former primary school teacher who now travels the world entertaining, motivating and inspiring children and adults from all walks of life with his company Tree Of Knowledge. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Ali and children Kian and Ellis.


Pumpy Bee is available now on the Apple App Store. To download the app for iPad, visit:

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Gavin Oattes Pumpy Bee 4 Gavin Oattes Pumpy Bee 1 Gavin Oattes Pumpy Bee 2 Gavin Oattes Pumpy Bee 3

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Close-Knit by Julia Douglas


Close-Knit is a 50 page digital book for the iPad (a book as an App) published by COFFEE TABLE for those with an interest in contemporary art, Scottish social history and the home life of a crofter in the 1800s.

Created by Julia Douglas, this book presents the outcome of her Artist Residency in Timespan Museum and Arts Centre in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland.

It contains stunning images of the North East coast of Scotland, snippets of gathered information and quotes about life in the crofts, alongside images of the artist’s works, which include fiery flower installations in gable ends, a satirical spoof Estate Agent’s document that aims to sell you a ruined croft on a cliff edge in Caithness, a knitted installation made as a cross-generational collaboration and an award winning rusty old bucket with a new beautifully woven bottom.


Download the Close-Knit press release here :

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Julia Douglas Headshot Julia-Douglas-For-Your-Own-Good Julia-Douglas-For-Your-Own-Good-detail Julia-Douglas-Keep-The-Fires-Burning

Julia-Douglas-No-Networking Julia-Douglas-One-Perfectly-Good-Bucket Julia-Douglas-The-Old-Chanty

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#COLINUSHER : A Year as an iPhoneographer

‘Capturing the world in a way that makes it feel fresh.’


#COLINUSHER is a 64-page digital photography book for the iPad

(a book as an App), published by COFFEE TABLE.

#COLINUSHER presents a collection of pictorial moments taken between November 2012 and November 2013 by iPhoneographer and digital media chap Colin Usher, with the iPhone 4s and the app ‘Camera+’.

A misty beach in East Lothian, a disgruntled Labrador in a physiotherapy tank, sunshine on Leith, the night-lights of Lisbon, a birds eye view of main stage at T in the Park…. These are playful, opportunistic observations of objects and scenes that caught the iPhoneographer’s eye over the year.

‘He takes ordinary ideas and does something to them so that they become fresh and memorable… before you know it, you’re engrossed. And smiling. And thoughtful.’

Excerpt from the foreword by Lloyd Jerome, author of ‘Cricket by Candlelight


Download the #COLINUSHER press release here: (Word Doc)

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Page45-Yabbas Page42-Pariss Page33-Gullanes Page32-CoffeeBeachs Page30-Peebless Page29-Coves Page28-Lisbons Page14-EdinburghCastles Page13-Haddingtons

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Post Natal Recovery Plan : with Ash Boddy


No one is more important to the health of a new baby than its mum. Getting your abs and body back together after bringing your new member of the family home has never been easier, cheaper, or more effective.

Let’s leave crunches, planking and other nonsense in the 90s where they belong. What new mums need is effective, simple exercises that they understand and that will work.


This eight-week programme will guide you through simple but incredibly effective exercises to help new mums restore their abdominals, stabilise their pelvis and get back to the business of mumming.


Download the Post Natal Recovery Plan press release here: (Word Doc)

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